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CRMCS WEBINAR: Managing/Achieving Investment Reporting with DocDrive365 and Azure Cognitive Services

Learn how Azure Cognitive Services and DocDrive365 collaborate, providing a robust and intelligent Investment Reporting solution.


In this webinar you will gain valuable insight into how DocDrive365 and Azure Cognitive Services collaborate, providing a robust and intelligent Investment Reporting solution!


This collaboration allows you to apply AI to more scenarios, build a confident AI service and deploy Cognitive Services from the Cloud. What is truly amazing is that no Machine Learning expertise is required whilst integrating all this data into Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. 

This helps accomplish your goals for Stakeholder Management by:

  • Having a single unified view of Information, securely held in SharePoint and Dynamics

  • Promoting Engagement by automating the flow of Reports from Valuation to Asset Manager to Investor

  • Using Dynamics 365 Marketing for managing communication


Hear the story of our client, Award Winning Investment Manager, Puma Investments UK and find out how the collaboration between DocDrive365 and Azure Cognitive Services has enhanced their way of working and enabled them to define a robust and intelligent investment reporting method.


This webinar will be of great interest to (but not exclusively for) people with the following job titles within the Asset and Investment Management industry:

  • Heads of Operations

  • Investment Managers

  • Asset Managers

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Contract Managers

  • Two Click Workflow to supply Reports to Investors and their Advisors

  • Automate Metadata in SharePoint from Document Content

  • Get the 360 View by looking at an individual Fund

  • How Dynamics 365 Marketing can then promote us to Investors

  • Engage DocuSign to translate Documents into Actions.

15:30 - 16:00

Case Study Presentation

Jono Taylor, Puma Investmentes UK


16:00 - 16:40

Panel Discussion – Timo, Paul and Jono


16:40 - 17:00


Paul McQuillan

Managing Director


Timo Karakashev

CEO & Founder


Jono Taylor

Marketing Manager

Puma Investments UK

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Want to learn how to get the best out of Dynamics 365, Azure Cognitive Services and DocDrive365? Join in the CRMCS Webinar on  Thursday 26th November.